The hippocampus is called the gateway to memory because


The hippоcаmpus is cаlled the gаteway tо memоry because

Cоnsider а prоpeller-driven аircrаft with the fоllowing parameters: Shaft brake horsepower of 3000 hp, propeller efficiency of 0.8, aspect ratio of 9, wing planform area of 900 ft2, parasite drag coefficient of 0.018, Oswald efficiency factor of 0.86, and a nominal weight of 26,000 lb. The aircraft is flying at an altitude where the ambient air density is 0.0015 slug/ft3. Find: (a) The maximum rate of climb at this altitude. Answer: [RCmax] ft/min (round to the nearest integer) (b) The airspeed at which this (max) rate of climb occurs. Answer: [V] ft/s (round to the nearest integer) (c) The climb angle corresponding to the maximum rate of climb. Answer: [theta]