Computer Science Principals Unit 1

Op Code – The digital representation of an instruction that will be fetched, decoded, retrieved, and executed by the CPU.
Processor – the component of a computer that follows instructions
Conversion – A piece of the formatting String that tells the Formatter class how to react to a message.
cable modems – high speed internet connection offered by phone companies
whats the difference between no output and error? – no output means that nothing has been displayed on the monitor but error means that you made a mistake in your code.
Meaning of the syntax of the if-function – {logical test, [value if true] [value if false])
File System – The operating system also creates the file system on storage media allowing files and programs to be stored permanently.
BoxBug – Classes: BoxBug
Parameters: int (length)
Returns: NA
Preconditions: NA
What are the Four V’s of Big Data?  (The reason why “Big Data” data sets are difficult to handle?)
word – group of bits addressed, transferred, and manipulated as a single unit by CPU
Check type: format (picture)? – Checks data is in a specified format or template
@return – Javadoc block tag to describe the return value of a method.
online – The main purpose of social networking websites is to connect many different users together in a _______ environment
Database applications optimized for performance
in data queries that do not change data.
Decision support typically requires read‐only
access to data – OLAP
exploit – the verb used to describe when software takes advantage of bugs in standard commercial software to install itself and preform its unsavory activities
Whаt аre the Fоur V’s оf Big Dаta?  (The reasоn why “Big Data” data sets are difficult to handle?)
Protocol layering – 協定分層
Uniform resource locator(URL) – 全球資源定址器
GEO? – Geostationary Earth Orbit; broadcast surveillance, TV, and weather
8. If a genetic algorithm evaluates members of the current population and uses a fitness function to select a subset, the action is referred to as – selection

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