Yonko Biological Levels Of Organization

system – changing, organized group of related parts that interact to form a whole.
loose connective tissue – Tissue that binds epithelia to underlying tissues and holds organs in place. Contains collagenous, elastic, and recticular fibers.
What are functional proteins? – Proteins which carry out a function in the body, such as amylase and other enzymes.
territoriality – Defense of a space against encroachment by other individuals.
surface tension – the attractive force exerted between the surface molecules of a liquid.
The _______ is the basic unit of life – Cell
A mucopurulent discharge contains
Joule – SI Unit of energy. 4.19J = 1 Calorie.
Biology – The scientific study of living organism and their interactions with their environments
homologous – Similar, they share the same characteristics in the same order.
Polysomes – A group of many ribosomes.
Independent variable – Factor in a controlled experiment that is deliberately changed; also called manipulated variable
A mucоpurulent dischаrge cоntаins
disaccharide – A double sugar, consisting of two monosaccharides joined by a glycosidic linkage formed by a dehydration reaction.

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