Political Science Exam 4 Part 3

Barron v Baltimore – a case where the supreme court ruled that the due process clause of the 5th amendment did not apply to the actions of states. The decision limited the Bill of Rights to the actions of Congress alone
federal funds rate – the interest rate on loans between banks that the FR Board influences by affecting the supply of money available
Capitalism: – A system of production based on private property and free markets
Korematsu v. US 1944 – citizens of Japanese descent could be interned and deprived of basic constitutional rights due to executive order.
Which type of media was first to provide an outlet for political opinion? – Print media
Types of Representation – Substantive Representation and Descriptive Representative
Know what pluralism is and its characteristics. – (bottom up)
Organized groups compete against one another for policies creating a balance in the system
Become a member of a group and it will influence government policy on their behalf
Some are more effective in groups, they can play an influential role in the political process
Individuals in a few key top positions in corporations, banks, government, foundations, and universities control most of the governing decisions
How much is spent on lobbying OFFICIALLY? – 3 billion.
Over emphasis of restraining the majority and is conservative – What are some of the criticisms of pluralism?
section 16 – the senate shall elect its president and the house of representatives its speaker by a majority vote of all its respective members.
What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?
Civil Rights – The constitutionally guaranteed rights that the government may not arbitrarily remove. Among these rights are the right to vote and equal protection under the law.
enumerated power – presidential power to negotiate treaties with the advice and consent of the senate is what kind of power
Inflation – A sustained rise in the general price level of goods and services.
The State of Nature – hypothetical, no police, no enforcement – all people are free, all are equal – biological equality
Privatization – Take services once provided by the bureaucracy and turn them over to the private sector on the assumption that they will do a better, more efficient job.
Whаt did the Emаncipаtiоn Prоclamatiоn do?
Bureaucracy – Public agencies and the programs and services that they implement and manage
Yellow journalism was replaced by – objective journalism.
Lawrence v. Texas – Domestic violence and shots; adaptive approach ;sexual orientation
15 supreme court cases – Jay, Rutledge, and Ellsworth Courts
Marshall Court
Taney Court
Chase Court
Waite Court
Fuller Court
White Court
Taft Court
Hughes Court
Stone Court
Vinson Court
Warren Court
Burger Court
Rehnquist Court
Roberts Court
What are some similarities between the U.S and Texas Constitution? – Political power is derived from the people, power is divided into three branches, state government is separate from federal government, government can't violate people's rights.

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