Exploring Psychology (9th Edition) Chapter 1 Vocab

research hypothesis – searches to explain the relationship between 2 variables
Need for self-actualization – The need to fulfill one's potential.
Hindbrain – division which includes the cerebellum, Pons, and medulla; responsible for involuntary processes: blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, breathing, sleep cycles
Noam Chomsky – linguist who argued that language relies on mental rules like a computer program does
Sexual Orientation – an enduring sexual attraction toward members of either one's own sex (homosexual orientation) or the other sex (heterosexual orientation)
post synaptic neuron – receptor sites; catch the neurotransmitters
Experimental Psychologists – Psychologists who do research on basic psychological processes.
According to the textbook, the leading cause of death worldwide as of 2015 is:
frontal lobe – lies in the forward part of the cerebral cortex, containing the motor cortex and prefrontal cortex.
Double Blind Procedure – Neither participant nor experimenter know who is being tested
fMRI (functional MRI) – A technique for revealing bloodflow and, therefore, brain activity by comparing successive MRI scans. fMRI scans show brain function.
Primary sex characteristics – The sex organs and genitals.
Late adulthood – Ego integrity vs despair
Object permanence – The knowledge that objects exist independently of one's own actions or awareness
population – the entire group about which the investigator whats to draw conclusions
Accоrding tо the textbоok, the leаding cаuse of deаth worldwide as of 2015 is:
Spontaneous Recovery (6.13) – The reappearance of an extinguished conditioned response after a time delay.
Pancreas – An endocrine gland located near the stomach that produces the hormone insulin
Collective unconscious – A storehouse of latent memory traces inherited from peoples ancestral past.
Avoidant attachment – due to their moms being indifferent to them

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