Cheque Butt Information – – Outflow
– Decrease GST Liability
– Cheque given to supplier
– Cheque Butt kept by business
asset – anything of value that is owed
normal balance – side of an account that is increased
Dishonored Check. – A check not paid by the bank when properly presented.
manufacturing business – business that makes the product to sell
balance sheet – a financial statement that reports assets, liabilites, and owner's equity on a specific date
Certified Management Accountants – Certified Professionals who specialize in accounting and financial management knowledge. They typically work for a single company.
Investing Activities – Long-term assets: Plant assets, natural resources, intangibles
  The tissue under the skin is the ______.
Owner's Equity – Capital-Withdrawals+Revenue-Expenses
Solvency – Companies ability to pay long term liabilities
  The tissue under the skin is the ______.
*accounting* – An information system that provides reports to stakeholders about the economic activities and condition of a business.

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