Biology Vocabgreek And Latin Root Words

scientific name=_+_ – genus name + specific name
Energy – An ecosystem gains and loses energy constantly.
Oncogenes – the genes that instruct unlimited division
Active site – Position on the surface of an enzyme molecule to which specific substrate molecules can bind.
Cellular respiration – the chemical reaction used by living cells to release energy from organic molecules
Compound – a fixed ratio of two or more atoms of different elements chemically combined
antigen – A foreign (nonself) molecule that elicits an acquired immune response.
scientific method – a logic method of problem solving that involves observing and reaching a conclusion.
How do depressants work? – They bind to receptor molecules and block the transmission of impulses.
nucleolus – Small, dense region within most nuclei in which the assembly of proteins begins.
Prolapse of the rectum is called
glycolysis – anaerobic respiration
molecular genetics – study of DNA structure and function on the molecular level.
Tropical Grassland – Name that Biome
aerobic – a process that needs oxygen to take place
Prоlаpse оf the rectum is cаlled
The movement of molecules THROUGH the cell membrane AGAINST a concentration gradient where energy is required. – Active Transport
functional group – the portion of a molecule that is active in a chemical reaction and that determines the properties of many organic compounds
eardrum – A sheet of connective tissue separating the outer ear from the middle ear that vibrates when stimulated by sound waves and passes the waves to the middle ear.
polygyny – One male, several females.

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