Unit 1 Biology

As the cell prepares to divide, what change do chromosomes go through? – condense (shorten)
About five million years ago… – …the lineage that led to the modern Homo Sapiens diverged from the lineage that led to the modern chimpanzee.
A functional group is important because it's where what takes place? – The reaction
sampling – An error that occurs when a sample somehow does not represent the target population.
Kinetic Energy – The energy associated with the relative motion of objects. Moving matter can perform work by imparting motion to other matter.
Rough ER – has ribosomes, makes proteins
domain – A taxonomic category above the kingdom level. The three domains are Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya.
Cilium – A short, hairlike projection from the surface of certain eukaryotic cells that contains microtubules in a 9 + 2 arrangement. The movement of cilia may propel cells through a fluid medium or move fluids over a stationary surface layer of cells.
Enlargement of the heart
gradualism – idea that new species arise from the result of slight modifications over many generations
animal cell – A cell that contains lysosomes and flagella/cilia; usually more round in shape; does NOT contain cell walls, chloroplasts, or a central vacuole.
Enlаrgement оf the heаrt
menstruation – Urine bleeding resulting from shedding of the endometrium during a menstrual cycle.

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