Ultimate Ap Biology Vocabulary Review

pyramid of energy – 90% of all energy is lost between trophic levels.
Sister chromatids – a set of two identical chromatids, one duplicated, one original
Genetics – Branch of biology that studies heredity.
What factors affect a person's EAR for protein? – Pregnancy, age or body mass.
Denaturation – Excessive heat can cause ____________, in which a protein unravels and loses its native shape.
Pollination – the transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma in flowering plants of the same species
Structure 3 on the diagram refers to?
dominant – describes an allele that is fully expressed even when only one copy is present
Cell Cycle – The life cycle of a cell. "Starts" with G1 (growth, normal cell functions), S phase (synthesis – copying DNA), G2 (more growth and preparation for cell division), M phase (mitosis), cytokinesis
metric system – A decimal system of measurements whose units are based on certain physical standards and are scaled on multiples of 10; used by most scientists when collecting data & performing experiments.
Atom – The simplest particle of an element that retains all the properties of a certain element.
zygote – fertilized egg formed when egg and sperm cell fuse
Protista – The kingdom that contains algae and protozoans.
Structure 3 оn the diаgrаm refers tо?
compound – a pure substance consisting of two or more different elements which associate via chemical bonds
Heterozygous – Having two different alleles of a gene

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