Principles Of Architecture Semester Exam Review

ingenuity – /ˌɪn.dʒəˈnjuː.ɪ.ti/心靈手巧;足智多謀;獨創力
Salk Institute SIG – example of Bauhaus influence on design
San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontaine (exterior) – Lg. columns, deep vertical niche (chiaroscuro)
‎رنگ آمیزی – coloring
Deir el-Bahari Temple of Hatshepsut: Upper Egypt (1460 BCE). Archtect: Senmut sponcor: Queen Hatshepsut –
The formula for measuring a board foot is – 1"x12"x12"
Doric – top piece helps transition from one to another
film cathedral took – almost 100 years. lost of conflict between church and king and town and pope etc…
San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane (int), Baroque, 17th Century, Borromini –
dead weight – building materials and supplies
Salk Institute SIG – example of Bauhaus influence on design
Turner House – 1668, Salem, MA
Foundation Wood – Treated Lumber
romantic – (French= in the vernacular descended form Latin) appealing to the emotional, heroic, ideal without full basis in fact
Voussoir – Roman- one of the individual, wedge-shaped blocks of stone that make up a vault
italian ren
capraloa, italy
1500 – villa farnese***
cross – symbolic of religion
form for cathedrals
Posts – Also called columns, a capital can be found at the top of it. Primary purpose is to act as a transition for the eye as it moves from post to lintel.
spandrel – the triangular space underneath the stairs
Shade – The parts of a solid that receive no light because they are tangent to or turned away from a theoretical light source
City – an extensive area with a concentration of buildings, activities, and people
Reinforced concrete – Concrete strengthened with a web of iron rebars
two uprights (posts) support horizontal crosspiece (lintel), one of the oldest construction methods – post-and-lintel construction method

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