Virtual Team – A team that uses computer technology and groupware so that geographically distant members can collaborate on projects and reach common goals

Eg. google drive

Identity – Degree to which the job completing a whole ID piece of work from beginning to end with a visible outcome.
Transactional vs. transformational – Transactional: focuses on clarifying employee's roles and providing positive and negative rewards

Transformational: focuses on developing leadership in others and to serve as moral-agents

Affective Events Theory – Workplace events can generate affective reactions – reactions that then can go on to influence work attitudes and behaviors
executive body of the EU is based in ________ and is known as the ________. – – Brussels
– Maastricht
Globalization – worldwide interdependence of resource flows,product markets, and business competition.
Work-Life Balance – Balancing career demands with personal and family needs (what are they doing to promote?)

-How people balance the demands of careers with their personal and family needs
-Helps maintain a quality workforce by keeping talented employees

Partnership – The voluntary association of two or more people who have combined their resources to carry on as co-owners of a lawful enterprise for their joint profit.
Which is not one of the Five Basic Forces that increases levels of engagement:
a communication tool developed as a result of studies done that identified the need to improve Communication between physicians and nurses. – ISBARR
Controlling – Evaluating results to determine if the company's objectives have been accomplished as planned
job design – individual workers perform in doing their jobs
Four elements for Empowerment to take root and Thrive – -Participation
-Access to Information
Which is nоt оne оf the Five Bаsic Forces thаt increаses levels of engagement:
Global centric – Best of all cultures put together

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