Accounting Unit 2

Current assets – Assets that change over a short period of time
capital expenditures – substantial amounts spent to improve the quality or extend the life of an asset
Control Account – General ledger account for which a subsidiary ledger is kept.
Activity Ratios – reflect management's use of assets
when employee is paid journal entry – debit salaries payable, credit cash
liabilities – Verbindlichkeiten
what does the revenue recognition principle give us – guidance as to when a company must recognize revenue
    Which device is used to shrink bands onto vials?
Profit – The primary purpose of a business is
Recording/Data Entry. – The committing of a business transaction and the events surrounding such into writing.
    Which device is used tо shrink bаnds оntо viаls?
Permanent accounts – accounts that are continuous from one accounting period to the next; balances are carried forward to the next period (for example, assets, liabilities, and owner's capital accounts).
sales or revenue section – a subsection of the operating section presenting sales, discounts, allowances, returns, and other related information
its purpose is to arrive at the net amount of sales revenue

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