Management Iii Patient Services

defensive – blame someone else
Cash flow statement – the detail of cash received and cash expended for each month of the year
Things that satisfy high needs – Esteem needs, self actuation needs.
Merit Pay Plan – A compensation plan that bases pay on based on individual, group and/or organization performance.
Leading – • Influencing others to get the job done
• Maintaining morale
• Molding company culture
• Managing conflicts and communication
• Ex. Bank management
• CEO tries to inspire people inside and outside of the organization
• Teller supervisor boosts morale directly to get people to feel the culture of caring about people
Kohlberg's model of cognitive moral development – Classification of people based on their level of moral judgment
The change in the bias of a measuring device over time is known as
Centralization – the degree to which decision-making authority is concentrated at higher levels in an organization. In centralized companies, many important decisions are made at higher levels of the hierarchy, whereas in decentralized companies, decisions are made and problems are solved at lower levels by employees who are closer to the problem in question
Polycentric, Ethnocentric, Geocentric – Global Perspectives
The chаnge in the biаs оf а measuring device оver time is knоwn as
to sustain life – поддерживать жизнь

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