selling price – is the amount the customer pays for an items
denominator – the bottom number of a fraction, telling in how many parts the whole is divided.
10*12 – A submarine dives 10 feet per minute for 12 minutes. Write an expression that represents this situation?
eine (mathematische) Funktion – a function
Sector formula – A = pi times (r squared) times (theta divided by 360)
Opposites – Numbers the same distance from zero but on different sides of zero on the number line
intercepts – לחצות זה את זה על גבי ציר x or y
Solution – Image result for Solution math
Any and all values of the variables that satisfies an equation, inequality, system of equations, or system of inequalities. With a system of equations or system of inequalities, the solution set is the set containing values) of the variables that satisfy all equations and/or inequalities in the system.
Equal sign – знак равенства
Adjacent Angles – are a pair of angles with a common vertex and a common side, but no common interior points
If we calculated a 90% confidence interval in the previous problem instead of a 95% confidence interval, what can we say about the margin of error?  
Principle – The amount of money deposited on borrowed
Multiplicative Inverse – While Dividing Fractions You just multiply it 1/2 x 2/3 =1/2 x 3/2 =3/4
cred – believe
examples: credit, credible
Vector space – Espacio vectorial
If we cаlculаted а 90% cоnfidence interval in the previоus prоblem instead of a 95% confidence interval, what can we say about the margin of error?  
Octagon – 8 sides
Angle size:135
Sum of interior angles: 1080
satisfy an equation – spełnić równanie
Decagon – 10 sides
Angle size:144
Sum of interior angles:1440
if |x-n|> 0 OR if |x-n| > negative number – then the solution is all real numbers

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