Exploring Psychology Chapter 7

withdrawal – the discomfort and distress that follow discontinuing the use of an addictive drug
Controlled thinking is 1) ______, 2) intentional, 3) voluntary, and 4) effortful. – conscious
Storage – is the passive process by which encoded information is maintained over time.
interpersonal therapy (IPT) – form of therapy for depression which incorporates multiple approaches and focuses on interpersonal problems
Negative Punishment (Omission) – removing an appetitive stimulus which decreases behavior
discrimination – unjustifiable negative behavior toward a group or its members
Identity Achievement – A level of identity status where the adolescent has finally created his or her own personal identity.
Declarative memory – recall of factual information such as dates, words, faces, events, and concepts.
Malingering refers to:
Cannon and Washburn – Earlier researches on the idea of hunger
Bottom-Up Processing – analysis that begins with the sensory receptors and works up from the brain's integration of sensory information.
Mаlingering refers tо:
Menopause – the time of natural cessation of menstruation; also refers to the biological changes a woman experiences as her ability to reproduce declines
Difference between the Tensor Tympani and the Stapedious – TT prevents you from hearing yourself
Stapedious prevents an extreme domino effect when a noise is too loud

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