Computer Science Midterm Vocabulary 1

Centered – Position horizontally between margins
String.compareTo(anotherString) – method of the String class used to compare one string to another. Returns an integer. (result>0 if greater, 0 if equal and result <0 if less than)
Server Operating Systems – •Unix
○ •Linux
○ •Netware by Novell
○ •Solaris
○ •Mac OS X Server
Bit – smallest unit of memory that holds a 1 or 0
automate – to make something happen automatically (without help from people)
Ali has created a poster using bitmapped graphic software. Describe how a colour bitmapped graphic is stored. – As a 2-D array/grid of pixels

Each pixel will be represented by a binary
pattern to indicate colour

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act – Designs can not be modified' is covered under which Act?
Primitives – instructions that computing agent understands and is capable of executing without further explanation
formula bar – displays the value or formula entered in the active cell
windows – an operating system by Microsoft incorporates a user friendly, graphical interface
To create a custom list, in the Sort & Filter group on the HOME tab, click the Sort button. Click the Order arrow, and then click Custom List.
Top-down – When the programmer starts with an overview of the program, selecting the highest-level controlling object and tasks needed, implement main classes first, subsidiary classes later
Scope – The portion of a program in which a variable is accessible.
Delete – Deleted the character to the right of the cursor
Tо creаte а custоm list, in the Sоrt & Filter group on the HOME tаb, click the Sort button. Click the Order arrow, and then click Custom List.
Chat on line – Charlar en linea
computer science – the study of the theory and methods of processing information in computers and computational systems
Zoom Slider – Increases and Decreases the size of the screen.

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