Chapter One Accounting In Action

Explain Cash Flow – Cash flow is the record of the amount of cash the business is expected to collect and to pay out.
equity – акционерный капитал
Sales Discount – Reduction in the amount of cash received from a customer for early payment.
overheads, operating costs – Betriebskosten
Sales returns and allowances – Revenue
Worksheet – A columnar accounting form used to summarize the general ledger information needed to prepare financial statements
If a company undercosts one of its products, then it will overcost at least one of its other products. – True
Which diagnostic procedure measures the oxygen level in the blood?
Electronic Fund Transfer – a computerized cash payment
Accounting records – Organized summaries of a business's financial activities are called accounting records
financial reports – documents that present summerized information about the financial status of a business
Revenues – Sales of products or services to customers
partnership – Business owned by two or more people
The profit margin on sales ratio indicates how well the firm is – controlling it costs
Which diаgnоstic prоcedure meаsures the оxygen level in the blood?
Measurement principle – Principle that prescribes financial statement information, and its underlying transactions and events, abe based on relevant measures of valuation; also called the cost principle
Question 35 The working capital reported by XYZ Company at June 30 is equal to: – Subtract current liabilities from current assets

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