Biology Section 163: Plant Systems

Paludismo spp – Anopheles, female mosquitoes
homeostasis – The steady state of body functioning; a state of equilibrium characterized by a dynamic interplay between outside forces that tend to change an organism's internal environment and the internal control mechanisms that oppose such changes.
Commensalism – Symbiotic relationship where one organisim benefits and the other is not effected
2.2.4 State that bacterial cells divide by binary fission – Binary fission is a form of asexual reproduction and cell division used by prokaryotic organisms

It is not the same as mitosis, there is no condensation of genetic material and no spindle formation

In the process of binary fission:
◾The circular DNA is copied in response to a replication signal
◾The two DNA loops attach to the membrane
◾The membrane elongates and pinches off (cytokinesis) forming two separate cells

intermediate – One of the compounds that form between the initial reactant and the final product in a metabolic pathway, such as between glucose and pyruvate in glycolysis.
Give an example of a haploid cell. – Sperm cell (or gamete).
gene recombination – process in which a nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) is broken and then joined to a different molecule, it is the result of crossing-over
Heterotroph – An organism taht obtains food by eating other organisms or substances derived from them
gana and stroma – two parts of a chloroplast that photosynthesis takes place in
Which letter above represents a psychrophile grown at 4°C (refrigeration temperature)?
nutrient – is a chemical substance that an organism must obtain from its environment to sustain life and to undergo life process
Why do the breathing and heart rates stay high during recovery? – -Rapid blood can carry lactic acid to the Liver.
-extra oxygen can be supplied the liver.
Which letter аbоve represents а psychrоphile grоwn аt 4°C (refrigeration temperature)?
homind – A species on the human branch of the evolutionary tree; a member of the family Hominidae, including Homo sapiens and our ancestors.
Stimulus – It is the thing that cause a reaction
What is a vaccination? – A dead or weakened strain of the microorganism is injected into the body, so the white blood cells will remember what antibodies to produce if the infection comes again. This helps the body develop immunity to the infection.
Gene – A section of a DNA molecule that controls the development of certain characteristics. Located on the chromosomes and codes for a specific protein.
mutation – a random change in the DNA molecule

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