Political Science Amendments

Globalization – process by which nations have become more open to and dependent on one another
symbolic speech – an act, rather than actual speech, used to demonstrate a point of view. Ex: T.X. vs. Johnson (1989)- burns flag- form of free speech
26th Amendment – -Lowers voting age to 18
-"The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age."
-3 – there are ___electoral votes up in each election. __are from the Washington DC area
Cross-Over Sanctions – Conditions imposed on grants-in-aid in one program designed to influence policy in another area
majority system – type of electoral system in which, to win a seat in the parliament or other representative body, a candidate must receive a majority of all the votes cast in the relevant district
Ownership (FCC) – can't own more than 39% of a givin media
What is the NATO? The EU? – …
Agents of socialization0 – A "teacher" in the process of political socialization, for example, the family, the school, a peer group, or the mass media
Many scholars use which of the following as a general definition of public opinion?
Pork Barrel – Legislation designed to reward a specific district with projects of grants.
Common Sense (Document) – Document that urged separation from Great Britain. Argued that citizens should make laws
World Bank – A non Governmental organization established in 1944 that provides financial support for economic development projects in developing nations.
Mаny schоlаrs use which оf the fоllowing аs a general definition of public opinion?
Which benefits are tangible special goods, service, or moeny provided to interest group members? – Material benefits
Establishment Clause – Prohibits Congress from establishing a religion

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