Computer Science And Software Engineering Semester I Vocab 11

Analog SIGNAL – continuously fluctuates voltage up and down
Database Software – a program that organizes information like an electronic filing system
application software – dependent on the system software; Word, Excel, Access
1952 – UNIVAC successfully predicts the outcome of the US presidential election. It brings more attention to the computers.
Input – the process of entering data into a computer system. Input is also the formation which is entered into a computer from an outside source for processing.
Keywords – Reserved words that may not be used to name.
Program – a description in a programming language of a process that achieves a useful result
Name 3 properties of these controls: Command Button, TEXT, & Label. – C.B. – Name, .Visible, Font, Caption; T – Name, .Visible, Font, Text; L – Name, .Visible, Font, Caption
inline graphic – graphic located in a specific position in a specific line of text in the document
Jared wants to create a hyperlink to link to new a document. What should he click in the Link to list?
Figuring out the class schedules, so that there are the fewest conflicts possible – Would be hard for a computer to solve
Which of the following programming features are part of Object Oriented Programming? – Encapsulation
All of the above
Pirating – Copying intellectual property
Bandwidth – The speed of an Internet connection.
Object-Oriented Programming – An approach to software design and implementation that is centered around Objects and Classes.
quickly – Program NXT0201.rbt displayed a smiley face, but we did not see it because it displayed to ___ for us to see it
Jаred wаnts tо creаte a hyperlink tо link tо new a document. What should he click in the Link to list?
In TouchDevelop, size is constrained. This means that if you change the width, the height automatically changes. – True
Execute – The actual actions which occur during the execute cycle of an instruction depend on both the instruction itself, and the addressing mode specified to be used to access the data that may be required. Once the instruction has been fetched and is stored, the next step is to decode the instruction in order to work out what actions should be performed to execute it. Once the opcode is known, the execution cycle can occur. Different actions need to be carried out dependant on the opcode, with no two opcodes requiring the same actions to occur.
Input – information provided to the computer from a person or from another computer, through devices such as keyboard,mouse,speaker,or motor.
<ol> – ___males a numbered list

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