Computer Science

Information hiding – A technique for isolating program pieces by eliminating the ability for one piece to access the information in another
Who's for SOPA/PIPA? – Motion Pictures Association of America, Recording Idustry association of America, walmart, Nintedno, NCAA, NFL
CU – Control Unit
This controls the movement of instructions in and out of the processor, and also controls the operation of the ALU. It consists of a decoder, control logic circuits, and a clock to ensure everything happens at the correct time. It is also responsible for performing the instruction execution cycle.
Clerical ability – the ability to put together a solution to a complex problem from solutions to simpler problems is essential.
How is sound recorded – Microphones and a sound card (contains analog-to-digital converter (ADC), which is used for recording and digital-to-analog converter (DAC), which is used for playing audio)
Integration – In silicon technology, the ability to fabricate both active and connective parts of a circuit using a family of compatible materials in a single complexity independent process
IDE – Integrated Development Environment: a programming environment, packaged as an application program
Transfer rate – The rate at which data moves from the disk to memory
domain – These options are a part of a ________ name? .gov .edu .com .org .net
OBJECT ORIENTED LANGUAGES – Languages that allow the programmer to create "objects" that store custom sets of data and can perform actions involving that data.
Why is storing redundant information bad in OLTP databases?
modem – used in WANs and by its internet users. converts a computers digital data into analogue data
Field – a variable that is part of a record
Debugging – The process of figuring out why code doesn't behave as expected and eliminating bugs to make it work as desired.
string operators – CPSC-110
iteration: for i in s:
concatenation: + s+'11' is 'CPSC-11011'
replication: * s*2 is 'CPSC-110CPSC-110'
indexing: s[2] and s[-6] are 'c'
membership: '<char>' in '<string>' 'c' in s ->T
slicing: s[1:3] and s[-7:-5) are 'PS'
Digital – info that has discrete values with gaps between values, can be represented using binary
platform-independent – means a system (Java) can be written or run on many programs
.jpg/.jpeg/.gif – Picture/Photo/Image
Why is stоring redundаnt infоrmаtiоn bаd in OLTP databases?
Expression – a line of programming code that evaluates to a particular value

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