Nbcot Program Development & Management

Three things that can happen if a community doesn't fulfill its NFIP obligations. – 1) New buildings will be built subject to flood damage.
2) Insurance on an improperly constructed building may be very expensive.
3) FEMA can impose sanctions on the community to encourage it to correct its floodplain management program.
Each MTF will identify enrolled women aged____ and older and manage their care – 40
75) A low price buys market share but not market loyalty. The same customers will shift to any lower-priced product that may come along. This is called the ________.
A) low-price trap
B) relative-market-share trap
C) shallow-pockets trap
D) target-market-share trap
E) fragile-market-share trap – E
Page Ref: 408
Objective: 4
Difficulty: Easy
Outputs – Direct products of program activities
Winload.exe – The operating system loader, included with each instance of Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008 installed on any one computer. Winload.exe loads the operating system, its kernel, hardware abstraction layer (HAL), and drivers on startup..
Program Risk Register. – A document in which risks are recorded together with the results of risk analysis and risk response planning.
Managed Care – A system for managing the delivery of health care
6 elements of patient education about depression. – * Depression is common
* Many symptoms are in the realm of emotions
* Physical symptoms ( fatigue, headache, abdominal pain, muscle tension)
* In depression there is increased perception of, and impact of, physical symptoms
* Biologic changes in neurochemistry in the brain
* Medication and psychotherapy shortens the course and diminishes symptoms
Lost & Found – A secured location where items left behind and found can be placed. For example, if a guest leaves something in their room and calls a few days after checking out, the lost and found area is searched for the missing items. The Lost & Found area needs to be in a safe location and is often the responsibility of only one employee.
Does the WG CCM program include the price of medications? – – No
For general correspondence not covered by another SS IC, apply the following: retain on board until records are how many years old? – 2
genetic engineering techniques are used – intentional alteration f genetic material
Behavior modification theory, Punishment – Reacting to a worker's behavior in an unpleasant manner to discourage the behavior from reoccurring
Operations Management – The management of systems or processes that create goods and/or provide services
AFEMP – known as AFIMS/includes DRF as the structure for all responses
The populations that experience the most serious consequences of foodborne illnesses are _____________. – immunocompromised due to medical conditions.
Contingency Theory – the idea that varying leadership styles may be appropriate in different situations (different leadership models apply in diff. situations)
Define program management – assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating a program
Describe the Flow or Process Chart – A visual representation of the steps in any given process.
It provides a useful way to examine how each step in the process relates to the other steps
Contingency Theory – the idea that varying leadership styles may be appropriate in different situations (different leadership models apply in diff. situations)
ant control – one way to enhance biological control is to control the ants that protect honeydew producing soft scales from their natural enemies

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