Finance Test #1

Overdraft – – a check written for more money than your account contains
money cost averging – buying equal dollar amount of same stock in equal intervals
the key input to the short-term financial planning process is – the sales forecast
bondholders – the creditor and earn interest and assume the risk of default
Project budgets – Capital expenditure and research and development
T/F +30 days contractual delinquency is leading indicator of future losses for consumer and sm b lending – True
Conservative policy – Policy to cover the risk with long-term debt
Financial Intermediaries – Repackage financial assets, create new financial products, accumulate small amounts, provide liquidity, diversification, expertise.
financial management – is the planning and monitoring of a business's financial resources to enable the business to achieve its financial goals.
The revenue is $25,000, the cost of goods sold is $11,000, other expenses (from selling and administration) are $7,000, and depreciation is $1,000. What is the EBIT?
defeasance clause – a clause stating that the lien on the property is defeated when the debt is repaid
At Least 4 Non-Bank Financial Institutions – 1. Credit Unions
2. Stock Exchange
3. Life insurance companies
4. Finance companies
Main Elements of Buying a Home – Location.Down payment.Mortgage application.
Points.Closing costs.PITI (principal, interest, taxes, insurance) maintenance costs.
liabilities – claims by people other than owners against the assets and represent what is owed by the business.
loan-to-value ratio – relationship b/t the amount of the mortgage loan and the appraised value of the property expressed as a percentage
. Which one of the following sets of dividend payments best meets the definition of two-stage growth as it applies to the two-stage dividend growth model? – dividend payments which increase by 10 percent per year for 5 years followed by dividends which increase by 3 percent annually thereafter
The revenue is $25,000, the cоst оf gоods sold is $11,000, other expenses (from selling аnd аdministrаtion) are $7,000, and depreciation is $1,000. What is the EBIT?
el aumente de sucido – pay raise
Management Accounting – the term used to describe more forward looking financial data for planning, decision making and control purpose

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