Computer Science Half Term Test

t-test – A test to see whether or not two samples come from the same population.
int test = "hen".compareTo( "fox" );
What is the approximate value of test? – greater than 0
What is an instruction register, and what is its function? – The instruction register is a special register in the control unit. It holds the instruction being executed.
Boolean – A type of variable in Java that evaluates to either true or false.
Laptops – Everyone has his/her own portable computer
double – Floating point data type, stored using 64 bits.
ISDN (integrated
services digital
network) – an international communications standard for sending voice, video and other data over digital telephone lines
Icon – representation of where an application such as word process or a file or documents where data is stored
instance – a representative of a data type; an example of an object
Why is back propagation useful in a neural network? Matches ___ ___to contributing ____ then corrects them – output errors, neurons
Use the ____________________ button in the Alignment group on the Home tab to increase the size of the indention used in a cell.
Pass-by-reference – Parameters are assigned a memory location or address.
Herman Hollerith created a tabulating machine for the Bureau of Census. He left the Bureau Census and found a company, which today is… – IBM
Use the ____________________ buttоn in the Alignment grоup оn the Home tаb to increаse the size of the indention used in а cell.
lossless – the data can be retrieved without losing any information; TIFF, PNG, text compression; keyword encoding, run length encoding, Huffman encoding
Spyware – Malicious software that detects what a user is doing and sends the details back to the originator

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