Biology Chapter 8: The Cellular Basis Of Reproduction And Inheritance

control group – exposed to same conditions as the experimental group except it is not changed in any way
Solute – in a solution the substance that dissolves in the solvent
Stolon – An aerial hypha that asexually reproduces to make more filaments.
circatidal – biological rhythm which is tidal
Stigma – the female reproductive structure in flowers, located at the top of the pistil, that catches pollen
kidney – Organs that filter waste from the blood, forming urine.
Identify structure #17.
Technological fix – One of the possible ways to solve an environmental problem that involves using new machines, chemicals, processes, treatments, etc. An alternative to behavioral changes to solve such problems that some people promote.
reproductive system – The body organ system responsible for reproduction.
Density- _______________ limiting factors are a limiting factor that has more of an effect on large or crowded populations. – Dependent
environment – all external conditions, both biotic and abiotic, affecting organisms
chemosynthesis – the production of food through the intake of chemicals
Microtubule – the long protein fibers in eukaryotic cells which influence cell shape and move chromosomes during cell division
Identify structure #17.
temperature, pH, substrate concentration, enzyme concentration – what factors influence an enzyme's activity?

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