Symbol – arbitrary representations of ideas, objects, people, relationships, cultures, genders, races and so forth.
Conflict-as-opportunity Cultures – Useful process, normal, productive, resolving issues
Facial Expression – Non Verbal (primary non verbal)
acroynm – abreviations . NASA NATO LOL
Consensus – agreement between group members about a decision
anthalogy – They are books that include literacy works by subject matter.
Primary research is original research involving all of the following EXCEPT
Self concept – The set of stable ideas a person has about who he or she is;also known as identity
Kirk et al 2003
intervention used (4) – 1. Based on TTM
2. motivational theory
3. cognitive behavioral strategies
4. individualized intervention
enthusiasm – energy, pep, pizzazz
Primаry reseаrch is оriginаl research invоlving all оf the following EXCEPT
Reflex – Response to stimulus without conscious thought

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