Political Science 2310 Sherri Mora Test 1

Reconstruction – the period following the Civil War in which the federal government took action to rebuild the South
State Board of Education – …
Prior restraint – censorship of or punishment for the expression of ideas before the ideas are printed or spoken.
retrospective voting – judgement made on the past performance of parties & elected officials
judicial Review – Power of American judges to nullify decisions and actions by other branches of government.
Legitimacy – Mass feeling that the government's rule is rightful and should be obeyed
Bretton Woods System – The economic order negotiated among allied nations at ___, New Hampshire, in 1944, which led to a series of cooperative arrangements involving a commitment to relatively low barriers to international trade and investment.
Police power of state governments – power reserved to the state government to regulate the health, safety and morals of its citizens.
Collective Action Problem – When there is a problem between the individual interest and the group interest. For example, a new law said paying taxes was optional. It would be in your best interest to simply not pay taxes and pocket the extra money. However, it would be in the groups best interest for you to pay the taxes, because if you don't, then that means whoever is paying will have to pay more than they would have if everyone pitched in.
Who is the Governor of Florida now?
Legislative intent – What the lawmakers who passed a law wanted the law to mean. If the language of a statute is unclear, judges will often look at the legislative intent to help them interpret the law.
What fraction of states elects their governors in non-presidential election years? – over three-fourths
Because over three-fourths of all states elect their governors in nonpresidential election years, there is a negative impact on voter turnout.
Whо is the Gоvernоr of Floridа now?
Empirical – How things actually are – observable/falsifiable facts
Are all swans white?
NH Senators – Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen
Australian Ballot – A secret ballot
Motivations of Bureacrats – Desire (1) clarity, (2) autonomy, and (3) resources.

Bureaucrats pursue these across governmental institutions…how?

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