Psa1 & 2 Physics Formulae And Relationships

Inertia – Apparent resistance of an object to change its state of motion.
From a velocity vs. time graph, what does it mean if there is no slope? – No slope- constant velocity
Alpha – Blocked by paper, can't penetrate anything. ++
Inversely proportional – What is the relationship between acceleration and mass
in a machine
total of useful energy – efficiency
Electron-Volt – The energy an electron gains by passing through a potential difference of 1 Volt, 1 eV = 1.6 x 10^-19 J
unit: Joules (J)
radiation – the method of heat transfer in which a body at high temperature emits radiation that falls upon another body
Gamma ray – High energy electromagnetic radiation. It carries excess energy away from the nucleus. Has NO MASS and NO CHARGE. It is absorbed by several cm of lead but even then some may escape.
reference point – a stationary object used to tell if another object is in motion
instantaneous speed – the speed at any instant (tell speed of a car any instant by looking at speedometer)
Interference – When two waves travel through the same medium
medium – any physical substance through which energy can be transferred
Inertia – An objects ability to resist change, more mass equals more….
What is the formula for Impulse? – Impulse = F×t
What are two ways to improve beam quality (better penetration) – Increase tube voltage Increase tube filtration Also decreasing the voltage waveform ripple will do it
V vs A, if signs are the same the object is – speeding up
A – 34. If an object is located inside the focal length of a diverging lens,
then compared to the object, the image will be
a. smaller.
b. larger.
c. the same size.

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