Computer Science Test

Code of Conduct (rules) – Internet usage, security and use of usernames and passwords
Demonstrate – Make clear by reasoning or evidence, illustrating with examples or practical application.
Expression – Anything that has a value. It may be composed of variables, constants and operators and function calls.
Operating System – System software that manages computer resources and provides an interface for system interaction
__ determines the best width for a column or the best height for a row, based on its contents – Autofit
Reference – Handle that points to the memory location – address of an object.
Compaq – Hardware-Intel, Software-Microsoft, first portable computer
For Loop – A statement in Python for convenient repetition of statements in the body of the loop.
With the Last Quarter criteria filter, quarters are defined as, for example, ____.
Software – The programs running on your computer
Immutable – Not able to be changed after creation.
Monitor – …Displays images and applications using tiny dots of light called pixels.
DBMS – database management system; used to define, create, manipulate, control, manage databases
Bus Network – All nodes are connected to a single write or cable, the bus which has two endpoints, each communication device on the network transmits electronic messages to other devices
algorithm – a sequence of steps that when followed will solve a problem
With the Lаst Quаrter criteriа filter, quarters are defined as, fоr example, ____.
run-time error – an error that occurs when a program compiles successfully but does not execute
File Server: – a computer that is dedicated to running applications and storing DATA, which can be shared with other work-stations
on-line processing
(interactive) – data processing in which all operations are performed by equipment directly under the control of a central processor, for example, airline reservations

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