Stkcfeh : Computer Systems (from Both Units)

Moving text, graphics, or interactive features on a web page are called _________________________. – Animations
java.util.scanner – To do input commands you must import:
JOptionPane – a class used to display standard dialog boxes
Parse Error – Happens when you make an error in the syntax of your program.
Lossy Compression – removes some information, but the loss is typically noticeable
height="number" – sets the height of the image
Method signature – The name of the method and the order and types of the parameters in its parameter list.
ping – a program used to test whether a particular network computer is active and reachable
When you designate a range as a(n) ____, Excel provides the same operations as are available for a structured range of data.
name – To find out the name of a toolbar button, hover your mouse pointer over the button and wait a second; the __________ will appear
GUI – the user interface for most modern OS and applications(ex: windows, icons, checkboxes, sliders, buttons)
Examples of OSPs – AOL and MSN
MAIN Method – The main method is a set of instructions which causes the program to run.
What type of device is a cross between a phone and tablet? – Phablet
When yоu designаte а rаnge as a(n) ____, Excel prоvides the same оperations as are available for a structured range of data.
Difference Engine
Analytic Engine – Charles Babbage was proposing a steam driven calculating machine the size of a room to calculate numeric tables in ocean navigation.

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