Apologia Biology Module 2: Kingdom Monera (2nd Edition)

Hypertonic – describing a solution whose solute concentration is higher than that inside a cell
Cell Wall – Maintains cell shape, protects cell from mechanical damage and excessive water uptake
cytokinesis – division of the cytoplasm during cell division
Cilia – thin appendages of some cells used for movement
Unsaturated Fat – A lipid made from fatty acids that have at least one double bond between carbon atoms.
isomer – compounds with the same chemical formula but different structures
Biotic – describes living things
functional group – the portion of a molecule that is active in a chemical reaction and that determines the properties of many organic compounds
An infant is diagnosed with congenital hydrocephalus. Which of the following characteristics would be expected?
Cilia – Hair like extensions on the outside of cell that help a cell to move as well as collect dust and debris.
single bond – a covalent bond formed between two atoms by the sharing of one pair of electrons
Surface tension – the force necessary to break the surface of a liquid
isotonic – having the same solute concentration as the cell
MPF – a protein complex required for a cell to progress from late interphase to mitosis, active form includes cyclin and a protein kinase
Over-exploitation – Human activities, such as over-fishing, over-hunting and over-grazing, that cause extinctions and destroy the food web balance.
vascular cambium – lateral meristematic tissue that produces vascular tissues (either xylem or phloem) and increases the thickness of the stem over time
An infаnt is diаgnоsed with cоngenitаl hydrоcephalus. Which of the following characteristics would be expected?
chlorophyll – molecule in chloroplasts that absorbs some of the energy in visible light.
(T/F) During pyruvate decarboxylation, a molecule of CO2 is lost leaving acetyl CoA – True.
Ecosystem – All the organisms that live in a place, together with their physical environment
plate tectonics – The theory that the continents are part of great plates of Earth's crust that float on the hot, underlying portion of the mantle. Movements in the mantle cause the continents to move slowly over time.
Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) – An organelle, containing folded membranes and sacs, responsible for the production, processing, and transportation of materials for use inside and outside a eukaryotic cell. There are two forms of this organelle: rough ER that has surface ribosomes and participates in the synthesis of proteins mostly destined for export by the cell and smooth ER that has no ribosomes and participates in the synthesis of lipids and steroids as well as the transport of synthesized macromolecules.

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