Social Psychology Methodology Ch 2

axon terminal buttons – tiny structures at the end of the axon that hold neurotransmitters
posthypnotic suggestion – a suggestion, made during a hypnosis session, to be carried out after the subject is no longer hypnotized; used by some clinicians to help control undesired symptoms and behaviors.
Preoperational Stage (9.27) – The second stage in Piaget's theory, marked by well-developed mental representation and the use of language.
Hysteria – Use of physical or mental symptoms to gain attention from others or avoid problems
BF skinner – psychologists who introduced the concept of reinforcement
Encoding – The first step in memory. The process by which information gets into memory storage
Mood-congruent – memory is the tendency to recall experiences that are consistent with our current mood.
variable ratio schedules – Reinforcement programs by which the number of responses required for a reinforcement varies
A myocardial infarction is:
a consistent expression of esteem for the basic value – unconditional positive regard
consciousness – our awareness of ourselves and our environment.
Reticular Formation – A nerve network in the brainstem that plays an important role in controlling arousal (keeping us conscious).
Biological Perspective – concerned with the links between biology and behavior. Includes psychologists working in neuroscience, behavior
genetics, and evolutionary psychology. These researchers
may call themselves behavioral neuroscientists, neuropsychologists, behavior geneticists, physiological psychologists, or biopsychologists. (p. 48)
Stimulus Discrimination (6.15) – A change in responses to one stimulus but not to stimuli that are similar.
interpreting – processing stimuli by the brain in order to make it meaningful
Illusory correlation – the perception of a relationship where none exists.
A myоcаrdiаl infаrctiоn is:
lobe order – Frontal
FPOT = F.lower P.O.T
reciprocal determinism – the interacting influences between personality and environmental factors
Field Study – The subject is aware and observed in a setting more natural to it.

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