Science Shepherd Biology Chapter 5

chemical energy – the form of energy that is stored in the chemical bonds of molecules is ______
Kinesin – the motor protein which moves down microtubules to carry molecules throughout the cell
Aquired Immunity – gained immunity
eukaryotic – all other forms of life; contains membrane-enclosed organelles; DNA-containing nucleus
plasma membrane – The membrane at the boundary of every cell that acts as a selective barrier, thereby regulating the cell's chemical composition.
Classification of Bacteria with no cell walls – They won't take up gram stain at all, not pink or blue and belong Phylum Tenericutes and all are in class Mollicutes (remember soft like tender mollusks )
If an enzymatic reaction was controlled by feedback inhibition, we would expect it to stop
pedigree – A family genetic tree representing the occurrence of heritable traits in parents and offspring across a number of generations. A pedigree can be used to determine genotypes of matings that have already occurred.
succession – A series of predictable and orderly changes within an ecosystem overtime.
anaerobic – Occurs by fermentation, which generate ATP solely by substrate-level phosphorylation.
If аn enzymаtic reаctiоn was cоntrоlled by feedback inhibition, we would expect it to stop
Somatic – Describes a body cell (non reproductive cell)
The movement of molecules from an area of HIGH concentration to an area of LOW concentration until the molecules are EVENLY SPREAD distributed (Crowded to less crowded) – Diffusion
Biotic – a living thing, consisting of all the characteristics of life
chemical reaction – A process during which chemical bonds between atoms are broken and new ones are formed. Producing one or more different substances.

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