Management 3013 Chapters 14

stereotyping – associating a rigid, exaggerated, and irrational belief with a particular group of people; placing an employee into a class or category based on one or a few traits or characteristics; the tendency to assign an individual to a group or broad category and the attribute generalizations about the group to the individual
Team Management – High concern for people, High concern for productivity
Maintain – Поддерживать
Case study – how you do evidence based management, don't just generate ideas on fly based on intuition, use what you know
First mover advantage – first to bring a product to the market/ production
Self leadership – influencing oneself.
From the individual perspective, social networks deliver three unique advantages: private information, access to diverse skill sets, and power.
Virtual Office – – A mobile office in which people can work anywhere, as long as they have the tools to communicate with customers and colleagues.
Competition – only A, no C (win/lose)
Behavioral Science – use scientific research to develop theories/help mgrs.
VRIN Testing – assessment of the competitive power of a firm's resources and capabilities based on whether it is competitively valuable, rare, hard to copy (inimitable), and if the resource is invulnerable to the threat of substitution from different types of resources and capabilities (non-substitutable).
Frоm the individuаl perspective, sоciаl netwоrks deliver three unique аdvantages: private information, access to diverse skill sets, and power.
Summariser – Pulls together related ideas and offers a conclusion
payment types – salary, gainsharing, skill-based
Theory of management which focuses on the performance of and interactions of people within the organization? – Behavioral science
personality – enduring patterns of ways that a person feels, thinks, and behaves

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