Rvtm Myers Psychology For Ap Unit 10

Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Intelligence – argues that there are three primary components to intelligence: analytical, practical, creative. If you have all three you have "successful intelligence"
Motivated Forgetting – Forgetting Long-term memories because we do not want to remember them.
Learning Approach – external forces or influences largely shape people's behavior (Watson) & researches the Social Learning theory which suggests that people learn through observation (Bandura)
Scapegoat Theory – the theory that prejudice offers an outlet for anger by providing someone to blame.
biopsychosocial approach – considers the influences of biological, psychological, and social-cultural factors
mental – About or having to do with the mind
Classical Conditioning – the repeated pairing of an unconditioned stimulus with a neutral stimulus to produce the same behavior
Behaviorism – Psychology as the science of observable behavior
Psychological behaviorism can be applied to childrearing by identifying and teaching basic behaviors.
Hindbrain – lower portion of the brain
Vesicles – located at the axon terminals, they are filled with neurotransmitters
Withdrawl – The disconfort and distress that follow discontinuing the use of an addictive drug
paranoid – type of schizophrenia in which the person suffers from delusion sof persecution, grandeur, and jealousy, together with hallucinations
Surveys – A representative group of people are questioned, using interviews or written questionnaires about their behaviors and attitudes
Psychоlоgicаl behаviоrism cаn be applied to childrearing by identifying and teaching basic behaviors.
storage – process of retaining or storing information in memory to use later;
Theory Y Managers – assumes employees may be ambitious, self-motivated, anxious to accept greater responsibility, and exercise self-control, self-direction, autonomy and empowerment. Looks for ways to encourage employee creativity
narcolepsy – a disorder characterized by sudden sleep attacks, often at inopportune times

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