Unit 1& 2:fundamental Audio /video Technology And Film

________ filmed The Great Train Robbery, splicing scripted scenes with real life footage – Edwin S. Porter
star system – the film studios' use of stars' popularity to promote their movies (no matter what the movie was about)
Conflict/ problem – The which the main characters of the story must achieve
Random every other f-stop – 1.4, 2.8, 5.6, 11, 22, 45
Rule of thirds – A concept in video and film production in which the frame is divided into nine imaginary sections. These create reference points which act as guides for framing the image
nonrepresentational art – art that depicts natural objects non-realistically
main title. – opening of a picture, to show title and main contributors.
Film Noir – Comprised "dark" moody American films of the 1940s, often focused on detectives or similar themes
Who was the inventor who invented photography captured on copper plates?
Momix – Dancers/illusionists, break off of pilobolus
The first movie stunt – … a man jumped into the Hudson River from a burning balloon
Dolly Shot – A shot in which the camera is moved on a wheeled dolly that follows a determined course
Music – An art form whose medium is sound. Common elements include pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture.
Volume Units (VU) Meter – shows intensity of sound
Sound Stage – A studio building where film/video scripts are shot.
Long form television – Places a heavy emphasis on seriality within genres not previously considered serial genres. Many of the examples of "quality" or "prestige" TV demand sequential watching for full narrative comprehension. This has had an effect on even the mainstay of broadcast serial-episodic shows, which have lengthened the narrative arcs that cut across episodes.
Whо wаs the inventоr whо invented photogrаphy cаptured on copper plates?
timecode – recorded as metadata while you shoot as a means of identifying each frame of video
What are video game embedded ads? What is dynamic in-game advertising? – Ads embedded in games, usually advertisements place ads or products I the action so players will see the commercial messages r use the products in the course of their play. Dynamic in-game advertising is the process of sending ads into video games while individuals are playing & of changing the ads & offering different sponsored downloads depending on the layer's game setting & level.
Define visual literacy. – The ability to evaluate the content of visual media through an understanding of the way in which it is recorded and presented.
Box Rental: – A fee or allowance paid to a crew-member for providing his/her own equipment or other specialized apparatus for use in a production. (Production)
What happens in front back key placement – As you move the key light to one side, shadows become pronounced and the subject's shape begins to be seen. If your angle approaches 90 degrees from the camera, strong lines and defined features are shown. If you move the light behind the 90 degree line, the front of the subject is in shadow

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