Revised Higher Human Biology Unit 11

protein – A three dimensional polymer made of monomers of amino acids.
resource – any necessity of life, such as water, nutrients, light, food, or space
Monosaccharide – The simplest carbohydrate, active alone or serving as a monomer for disaccharides and polysaccharides. Also known as simple sugars, the molecular formulas of monosaccharides are generally some multiple of CH20.
7.4.2 Outline the structure of ribosomes, including protein and RNA composition, large and small subunits, three tRNA binding sites and mRNA binding sites. – made of protein; made of rRNA; large subunit and small subunit; three tRNA binding sites; Aminacyl/A, Peptidyl/P and Exit/E; mRNA binding site (on small subunit); 70S in prokaryotes / 80S in eukaryotes; can be free / bound to RER (in eukaryotes);

Small sub-unit has a binding site for mRNA

substrate – reactant in chemical reaction upon which an enzyme acts.
homologous – Similar, they share the same characteristics in the same order.
Organ – Group of tissue that perform a job. (Ex. Heart, lungs)
The study of phylogeny rests on our observation of traits, which may include
RNA interference (RNAi) – A biotechnology technique used to silence the expression of specific genes. Synthetic RNA molecules with sequences that correspond to particular genes trigger the breakdown of the gene's mRNA.
Antibody – protein that helps destroy pathogens
The study оf phylоgeny rests оn our observаtion of trаits, which mаy include
gamete – a haploid cell which can unite with another gamete to form a zygote
Microfilaments – Fine, threadlike proteins found in the cell's cytoskeleton
semicircular canal – A structure composed of three interconnected tubes located in the inner ear that is involved in equilibrium and balance.
Nitrogen fixing bacteria – bacteria that convert nitrogen in the air into forms that can be used by plants and animals (nitrates)
anaphase – Daughter chromosomes migrate to opposite ends of the cell, pulled by kinetochore fibers.

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