Interdisciplinary S2 Exam Study Guide

dissent – a difference of opinion
deliberate – by conscious design or purpose; to think over deeply
An agronomist (plant specialist) publishes a study about the response of corn yield to nitrogen applications. The work would be considered – disciplinary
Characteristics of interdisciplinarians include:
a) Reliable, cautious, resilience
b) Reliable, cautious, common sense
c) Reliable, resilience, risk-taking
d) None of the above – c) Reliable, resilience, risk-taking
ASSUMPTIONS OF INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES. – -Interdisciplinarity is able to integrate insights from relevant disciplines
-The disciplines and the institutional policies that reinforce them often present major barriers to interdisciplinarity
-The disciplines are foundational to Interdisciplinarity
advocate – speak, plead, or argue in favour of
diplomacy – subtly skillful handling of a situation
diplomacy – subtly skillful handling of a situation
Marshal: how he gained access to the Commission on Inquiry report – …
Civic Engagement – the use of nonpolitical as well as political means to affect the quality of life in a community. Value.
what dont they do – prevent more encounters with the pathagon. keep small amounts of the pathagon in your body for life. make you a carrier of the pathagon.
multidisciplinary= – placing disciplines side-byside. additive, not integrative
Consul – In the Roman republic one of the two powerful officials elected each year to command the army and direct the government
A physical place in which stocks are traded by brokers on behalf of their investor clients. – Stock Exchange
(p. 269) A process analysis technique that lends itself to a focus on the customer and the provider's interaction with the customer. – Service blueprinting
plagiaristic (adjective) – instance of stealing someones idea and using it as your own
T or F: Debt accrues interest? – TRUE
coherence (noun) – the quality or state of being able to stick/ the quality or state of being united with principles
polemic – an aggressive argument against a specific opinion

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