Computer Engineering Exam 1 (cpe)

What is reverse social engineering? – Posing as a person of authority so that employees will ask the hacker for information.
key (of keyboard) – клавиша(клавиатуры)
Incredible – افسانه ای، باور نکردنی
Record – A string of info that is put into fields
Pre-linked gateways to databases selected by the portal designer
a) portals
b) gateways
c) wired network – a) portals
What are the benefits of an Intranet? – The benefits of the Intranet are enhanced communication, quick access to needed information, increased productivity, and enhanced security.
Code – Instructions in a program.
what does flashing a bios mean? – It means updating it.
What should always be done when testing scanf? – Echo back values read to provide validation in the input process.
interface – “a collection of operations that specify the services of a component”
Boolean Expression. – This evaluates to either true or false; used in the conditional of an if-structure.
software architecture – the arrangement of its components into one or more structures defined by the functional role played by each component and the interaction relationships exhibited by the components
How can a field width be modified? – By altering the format descriptor e.g. "%10d" for ten character positions
For decimals "%8.2f" 8 positions, decimal third from right
– character width value, output string is left justified
+ character width value, right justified
Command Syntax – The correct manner and arrangement in which a command is to be typed.
Four Phases of Requirement Engineering – 1) Feasibility Study
2) Requirements Elicitation & analysis
3) Requirements Specification
4) Requirements Validation
hard drive – a storage device built into the CPU. (drive letter is usually C)
Loop – Algorithmic structure for performing the instructions multiple times, with each pass through the loop called an iteration. Usually controlled by a condition evaluated with each iteration.
editor – das Textbearbeitungsprogramm
interface – "a collection of operations that specify the services of a component"
Format for a Named Constant – static final dataType Identifier = value;

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