Accounting 100

Salary – A fixed amount of money paid to an employee for each pay period.
Statement of cash flows – Cash inflows and outflows during reporting period
Reporting entity – Entities with demands from users for general-purpose financial statements
book value – the difference between the cost of a depreciable asset and its related accumulated depreciation
inversiones temporarias, anexo y nota – short-term investments, exhibit and note
Adjusting Entries – closing the revenue and expenses accounts that have been changed in the current fiscal period. These account amounts are entered into Income Summary and the left of from that (because the revenue and expenses do not have to equal one another) goes into the capital account as either a net loss or net gain.
statement of account – Kontoauszug /Kontoabrechnung
long-term debt – A liability that falls due beyond 1 year from the date of the financial statements.
general ledgar – a ledger that contains all accounts needed
Management accounting – The branch of accounting that generates information for the internal decision makers of a business, such as top executives.
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Property, plant, and equipment (Fixed Assets) – These assets are used in the operations of the company and are not intended for sale. They are expected to provide services to the company for a number of years and therefore, are considered long-term.
audit – an official inspection of an individual's or organization's accounts, typically by an independent body
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point-of-sale (POS) terminal – A computer used to collect, store, and report all the information of a sales transaction
Incorporated Club advantages – For members: Limited liability
For club: It is a separate legal entity so it can own assets and borrow money from the bank
activity analysis the process – of identifying, describing, and evaluating
the activities an organization performs

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