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Bug – is an error in coding or logic that causes a program to malfunction or to produce incorrect/unexpected results.
von Neumann architecture – The traditional cycle where fetching, decoding, and executing an instruction takes one cycle.
Simultaneous Execution – Statements are performed simultaneously
Type Casting – Converts a number of one type to a number of a different but compatible type
Java byte code – The language that is output of the Java compiler and that runs on Java Virtual Machines.
_______ means that once a transaction has been committed, it will remain so, even in the event of power loss, crashes, or errors. – Durability
Which one of these is NOT part of ACID compliance?
An abstract class is declared with the keyword abstract in the _______ – header
Object – When you create an object in a program you create an instance of a class. Objects are the things in a program that can do tasks and hold values, but a specific object can only do those things and hold those values that the class it was created from specify it can do.
Individual objects in a program are differentiated from one another by their name. You can have many objects of the same class within a program as long as each object has a different name. Each object will be capable of invoking the same methods.
When an object is created in a program two entities are created in memory, the object itself with all of its methods and instance variables and a named variable that contains the memory address of the object. The act of creating an object within a program is termed instantiating an object.
server – …a computer that provides resources to other computers on a network
UNIVAC – 1950s ‐1960 Made in the first commercially successful computer, Universal Automatic computer
MICR – MICR ( Magnetic Ink Character Recognition ) is a character recognition technology used mainly by the banking industry to ease the processing and clearances of checks and other documents.
QBE: what to put in different boxes (7) – •FIELD: specific fields or * if all
•TABLE: table that the field came from
•TOTAL: the aggregate function you're performing, else (GROUP BY)
•SORT: ASC (a-z, 0-9) DESC (z-a, 9-0)
•SHOW: ✓ if shown in query result
•CRITERIA: use operators, if 2 are present it's AND
•OR: alternate criteria, but will return if its eaither
Which оne оf these is NOT pаrt оf ACID compliаnce?
-r – option with sort, reverses comparisons
IPO – Design- Input, processing, output
Unit Test – Test involving individual level of a system module
ex: public class Subclass _______ Superclass {} – extends
Compare and contrast a split DB with a non split DB. – Non split: ×everyone can access tables ×bad security ×can't rebuild front end without taking whole DB down
Split: ✓allows multiple users simultaneously ✓can have different front ends for different users ✓ can easily re-write front end ✓a single back end easily maintained ✓ good security.

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