Chapter 9 Biology Test Review

countershading – A form of camouflage in which the top and bottom are colored differently, which helps reduce visibility when viewed from either side.
hypertension – A condition in which blood pressure is elevated.
Dominent allele – An allele that has the same effect on the phenotype whether it is paired with the same allele or a different one. Dominant alleles are always expressed in the phenotype.
triglyceride – Another name for fat that is often found in the list of ingredients on packaged foods.
Ribosome – – found in two places; the cytosol or on the rough ER , -site of protein synthesis
Ecosystems – All the organisms in a given area as well as the abiotic factors with which they interact; one or more communities and the physical environment around them
pulmonary circulation – The flow of oxygen-depleted blood from the right ventricle of the heart, to the lungs where it absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide, and then back to the left ventricle of the heart.
Differentiation – The process by which unspecialised cells become altered and adapted to perform a specialised function as part of a permanent tissue.
The most significant chemical digestion in the oral cavity is digestion:
Spontaneous Generation – Hypothesis stating that life could arise from nonliving matter.
Cell wall – made of cellulose, provides rigid support for a plant cell
K – selected species – Life history traits sensitive to population density. Small number of large offspring, extensive parental care, repeated reproduction.
fate maps – A labor-intensive study to produce useful territorial diargams of embryonic development.
The mоst significаnt chemicаl digestiоn in the оrаl cavity is digestion:
evolution – the process in which the inherited characteristics within populations change over generations
cilia – The hairlike projections on the outside of cells that move in a wavelike manner

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