Biology Chapter 22: Gas Exchange

base pairing – Adenine+ Thymine, Cytosine+ Guanine
open circulatory system – Instead of being restricted to blood vessels, blood is pumped into cavities in which the organs are bathed.
Endocytic vesicles – are formed when the plasma membrane of a cell encloses a molecule outside the membrane, then releases a membrane bound sack containing the desired molecule into the cytoplasm. This process allows the cell to absorb molecules that are larger in size than would be able to pass through the cell membrane.
chemoreceptor – The floor of the middle canal of the inner ear.
Osmosis – The movement of water or another solvent through permeable membranes from an area of higher water concentration (dilute) to an area of lower water concentration (concentrated).
ecological pyramid – A diagram that shows the relative amounts of energy or matter contained within each trophic level in a food chain or food web.
phylum Coniferophyta – Vascular plants that reproduce through seeds grown in cones. This group includes pine trees, cedars, and firs.
filament – In algae, a long threadlike colony formed by many green algae; in plants, a long, thin structure that supports an anther
stimulus – A signal to which an organism responds.
Muscle cramping is an early sign of: 
Diagrams – Visual representations. Usually 2-dimensional. Drawings, flow-charts, etc.
What is the process of using DNA to produce complementary RNA molecules? – transcription
Cell Cycle – The series of events that take place in a cell leading to its division and duplication. The main phases of the cell cycle are interphase, nuclear division, and cytokinesis.
Cancer – A disease in which some body cells grow and divide uncontrollably producing a tumour.
Muscle crаmping is аn eаrly sign оf: 
Golgi body – organelle of lipid assembly, polypeptide chain modification, and packaging of both in vesicles for export or for transport to locations in cytoplasm
palisade cells – Contain chloroplasts and are the cells in the leaf where most photosynthesis occurs.
Photosynthesis vs. Respiration Function – energy capture vs. energy release
plasma membrane – same as cell membrane

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