Biology Communication Hsc

Cholerae – Ingestion of fecal material (contaminated food or water )
archaea – Domain of unicellular prokaryotes that have cell walls lacking peptidoglycan. Like eukaryotes, DNA contains histone proteins.
photosynthesis begins by using light energy i nwhich water is spilt and energy is stored in__ – ATP
2.4.8 Describe how the fluidity of the membrane allows it to change shape, break and reform during endocytosis and exocytosis – The phospholipids in the cell membrane are not solid but are in a fluid state allowing the membrane to change its shape and also vesicles to fuse with it.
This means substances can enter the cell via endocytosis and exit the cell via exocytosis. The membrane then returns to its original state. In exocytosis the vesicles fuse with the membrane expelling their content outside the cell. The membrane then goes back to its original state.
Endocytosis is a similar process which involves the pulling of the plasma membrane inwards so that a vesicle is pinched off it and then this vesicle can carry its content anywhere in the cell. This reduces the overall length of the membrane so new phosopholipids need to be continually created to replenish the membrane.
Atom – Basic unit of matter made up of three parts: protons, neutrons, and electrons.
consumers – an organism that ingests other organic matter that is living or recently killed.
The insertion of a muscle refers to the _________________.
Fauna – The animals in a particular region/environment.
Eukaryote – an organism made up of cells that have a nucleus enclosed by a membrane, multiple chromosomes, and a mitotic cycle; eukaryotes include protists, animals, plants, and fungi but not archaea or bacteria
Lipid – a molecule that is insoluble in water; includes fats, phospholipids, and steroids
attract different animals – why don't all flowers have petals of the same color
homologous – term used to refer to chromosomes that each have a corresponding chromosome from the opposite-sex parent
urethra – A duct that conveys urine from the urinary bladder to the outside. In the male, it also conveys semen out of the body during ejaculation.
hypotonic – when comparing 2 solutions, the solution with the lower concentration of solutes
The insertiоn оf а muscle refers tо the _________________.
heredity – the passing of traits from parents to offspring
B2:Platets – Substances in the blood that make it clot.
basal metabolic rate (BMR) – The metabolic rate of a nongrowing, resting, fasting, nonstressed endotherm.

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