Principals Of Accounting Chapter 10 Vocabulary

Accured expenses – Начисленные затраты
Notes Payable – Written Agreement for Loan
Balance Sheet
Trial balance – A list of ledger account balances, total debits must equal to total credit.
blacksmith – A person who makes and repairs iron.
Contra Asset – A deduction from an asset e.g. accumulated depreciation
Which of the accounts are decreased on the debit side and increased on the credit side? – A ICLICKER
Expanding internal equation extra credit?? – …
credit balance – when credits > debits
restrictive endorsement – An endorsement restricting further transfer of a check's ownership
expense – cost of goods or services that are used to operate a business; expenses decrease owners equity
In order to generate a public and private key for use with SSH, what command line utility should you use?
audit – public accounting firms provide the service of reviewing financial reports and providing an opinion whether or not the financial statements are presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles

investors and creditors often require financial statements to be audited in order to have a higher level of confidence in the reliability of the information provided on the financial statements

Faithful Representation – Information that is complete, neutral, and free from error
In оrder tо generаte а public аnd private key fоr use with SSH, what command line utility should you use?
List Price – The retail price listed in a catalog or on an Internet site.
What type of account is accounts receivable – Debit

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