Prentice Hall Biology Chapter 7 Vocabulary

migrate – When an animal travels to a new location for improved environmental conditions, on a seasonal or annual basis. Birds travel some of the longest distances in their annual migrations.
elastic fibers – Fibers made of elastin.
endosperm – In angiosperms, a nutrient-rich tissue formed by the union of a sperm with two polar nuclei during double fertilization. Provides nourishment to the developing embryo in angiosperm seeds.
test cross – the mating of an organism that possesses a dominant phenotype but unknown genotype with an organism that possesses a recessive phenotype to determine the genotype of the dominant individual
Combustion – Burning of carbon compounds that puts carbon back into the atmosphere
agonistic behavior – Competition that determines who wins a prize, such as food or mates.
Which of the following is true regarding alcoholic beverages?
Bar Graph – used when COMPARING; words and numbers
cytokinesis – the process that divides the cell cytoplasm
Meiosis – A form of cell division that produces haploid cells.
thermodynamics – The study of energy transformation that occurs in a collection of matter.
Which оf the fоllоwing is true regаrding аlcoholic beverаges?
Circadian Rhythm – A daily rhythm of an organism
(T/F) The nucleus is surrounded by a single-layered membrane. – False, the nuclear membrane is double-layered.
genotype – actual genetic makeup
organic molecule – A molecule containing carbon that is a part of or produced by living systems.

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