Prentice Hall Biology Ch 11 Vocabulary

buffer – A solution that resists changes in pH when limited amounts of acid or base are added.
Codominance – Occurs when neither allele is dominant and both contribute to the appearance of the offspring.
Mixture – material composed of two or more elements or compounds that are physically mixed together but not chemically bonded
multiplication rule – To determine the probability, we multiply the probability of one event by the probability of another.
Turgid – Description of a swollen plant cell with a full vacuole resulting from water intake due to osmosis.
ligand – Any molecule that bonds specifically to a receptor site of another molecule.
cell culture – A group of cells grown in a nutrient solution from a single original cell.
protein – macromolecule that contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen; needed by the body for growth and repair and to make up enzymes
Spermatogenesis – Production of sperm.
  The ______________ tracts are the major routes whereby proprioceptive impulses reach the cerebellum.
Testa – The protective outer covering of a seed; the seed coat.
A hypertonic solution would cause this to occur in an animal cell
a. shrinking
b. swelling
c. no change would occur
nasal cavity – where air enters the body through the nostrils or mouth
  The ______________ trаcts аre the mаjоr rоutes whereby prоprioceptive impulses reach the cerebellum.
peptide bond – the covalent bond between the carboxyl group on one amino acid and the amino group on the next, formed by a dehydration reaction
osmoregulaltion – control of water balance
Sulfhydryl Group – -SH

Proteins that contain the amino acid cysteine.

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