Fbla Sports Management And Marketing

FIFA world cup – 1930
first held in uruguay
bazil and italy have most titles
3 types of agreement for concessions – profit and loss
profit sharing
management fee
The initial collegiate athletic contests were – …Student-run events
Jacob Stroyer – horse back riding (won his freedom from slavery this way)
NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Assoiciation
19. What is personal selling? – Direct face-to-face communication with individuals, groups, or organizations to sell tickets, luxury suites or boxes, or sponsorships, allows salespeople to adapt messages based on feedback and the audience
Become Available When There is a Corporate Sponsorship – Heightened visibility
Image Enhancement
Product Trial of sale Opportunities
Hospitality Opportunities
Simpson Clips – In the clip showing sibling rivalry Lisa and Bart are playing which sport?
UCLA – first school to enter into a licensing agreement
managing diversity (KEY SKILLS) – Differences between individuals, such as age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, education, and social background
Simpsоn Clips – In the clip shоwing sibling rivаlry Lisа аnd Bart are playing which spоrt?
Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States (IAAUS) – The forerunner of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); the IAAUS was formed in 1905 by 62 colleges and universities to formulate rules making football safer and more exciting to play.

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