Dive Biology Terms Lesson 33

Biomass – The total amount of living tissue within a given trophic level
muscular system – All the skeletal muscles in the body. (Cardiac muscle and smooth muscle are components of other organ systems.)
During the LIRS, ATP and NADPH+ from the LDRS are used to produce… – high-energy sugars.
Food web – A model or diagram of the interactions of many different food chains in an ecosystem. It shows the intricate balance that exists in an ecosystem and how each member of the ecosystem affects other members, directly or indirectly. (see image card).
what are the 3 types of RNA? – mRNA, tRNA, rRNA`
transcription – process of copying a nucleotide sequence of DNA to form a complementary strand of mRNA…
fluid mosaic model – The currently accepted model of cell membrane structure, which envisions the membrane as a mosaic of individually inserted protein molecules drifting laterally in a fluid bilayer of phospholipids.
hypertonic solution – a solution in which there more solutes outside the cell, causing the water to rush out the cell, making it shivel; this environment causes problems for organisms
Which of the following is the correct spelling of the term which means rapid loss of blood?
products – ending materials of a reaction
Cleavage furrow – the area of the cell membrane that pinches in and eventually separates the dividing cell. (pg. 151) cell membrane pinches in cell division.
If hemophilia is a sex-linked, recessive trait, and a non-hemophiliac man has children with a carrier of of the disease, what % of the girls will have the disease? – 0% because none of these will have both recessive alleles
endosymbiont theory – A theory that mitochondria and chloroplasts oriinated as prokaryotic cells engulfed by an ancestral eukaryotic cell. The engulfed cell and its host cell then evolved into a single organism.
Down's Syndrome – disorder caused by non-disjunction of 21st chromosomes
Prey – The organism being killed and consumed.
Which оf the fоllоwing is the correct spelling of the term which meаns rаpid loss of blood?
Cell theory – Fundamental concept of biology that states that all living things are composed of cells; that cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things; and that new cells are produced from pre-existing cells
Gametes – Male and female sex cells
osmosis is what form of transport? – passive
Other than measurement of occurrence of indicator species, how else can pollution be measured? – Measurement of pollutant levels.
bioenergetics – The study of energy flow (energy transformations) into and within living systems.

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