Chemistry Elemental Symbols

Amount of substance – The quantity whose unit is the mole. Used as a means of counting atoms.
Avagadro's gas law – V1/n1=V2/n2
Silicon (IV) Dioxide – It is a macromolecule. One silicon atom is covalently bonded to four oxygen atoms. Each oxygen atom is bonded to two silicon atoms. This resluts in a tetrahedral structure and a hard substance. Like a diamond, silicon dioxide has melting and boiling points as well. The uses are in sandpaper, glasses and bricks.
Addition polymerisation definition – is a method where simple monomer units unite together to form a long-chain polymer by simple addition. No other product is formed.
Elastic collisions have no net loss of ____________ energy• as long as the _______________ is constant – kinetic energy as long as temperature is constant
Element – Made of only one type of atom
___ ____ is better than Cystatin C for monitoring a person's renal function – Serum creatinine
standard SI unit of time – second
What are the isotopes of carbon? – Carbon 12 and Carbon 14
The unit of atomic weight is
Law of Conservation of Matter – Matter is not created nor destroyed in any chemical or physical change.
Hydrogen – Lightest element known;flammable and explosive when mixed with air
What is a mixture? – A mixture of a solvent and a solute that doesn't separate out.
atomic mass unit – 1 out of 12
amplitude – the wave's height from the origin to the crest
whole numbers – Atoms of different elements chemically combine in what ratios to form compounds?
4 electron pairs – sp3 hybridization
basic shape tetrahedral
trigonal pyramidal
The unit оf аtоmic weight is
CrPO₄ – Chromium (III) Phosphate
Which of the following is an example of a polar solvent? – Water
ELEMENT – The basic unit of matter in its simplest form.
13.How is the periodic table of elements primarily arranged? – They are arranged in groups and periods. The columns called groups have family resemblance. Periods are based on atomic numbers.
Chemical Bond – the force that holds two atoms together

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